Vintage Knitting and Knitwear from the 1930s



First up is Dunnellen. I actually started working on this sweater two years ago, long before I conceived of this blog project or even knew about Ravelry. “Two years!,” you may say. Yes, vintage patterns do take longer to complete because of small gauges. However, this project has taken me much longer than usual because I completed several other projects in between. You know how that goes. The good news is I am nearly done with this one. The knitting is complete. I am currently working on embroidering the vertical stripes on the various pieces. (The pattern instructions say to crochet the stripes, but I am not at all adept with a hook.)

This next photo shows my progress to date. I also have the back and one of the sleeves done.

I can’t show you the back at the moment because it is inside of this cabinet behind all of these boxes, along with several cones of mercerized cotton, baby alpaca and eyelash yarn. The eyelash yarn is left over from the early 2000s when “fur” yarn was all the rage. (The story behind the boxes is another post for another day.)

This next pic shows you what’s going on on the wrong side. Sorry about the blurriness. I will try to take a better close up tomorrow since everything is looking blurry to me right now since it’s past my bedtime.



Minerva Yarns Stitches and Styles Vol. 3

I have been knitting off and on for about 20 years. A couple of years ago I discovered the fabulous knitting patterns of the 1930s and began collecting these wonderful old pattern books. My favorites by far are the books that were put out by James Lees & Sons under the label Minerva. The styles are elegant and classic. These are garments that could be easily worn today.

My favorite book out of my collection (so far anyhow) is Stitches and Styles, Vol. 3. There are so many styles in that book that I would love to knit that I’ve decided (God willing) to undertake knitting my way through the women’s garments and to post the patterns here for all to enjoy.

I will be blogging about each garment as I go along. The patterns will be made available on separate pages dedicated to each pattern book. You can find those pages on the menu at the top of the page.

Please pull up a chair and knit along with me!