Vintage Knitting and Knitwear from the 1930s


Dunnellen Finished!

Yay!  Dunnellen is finally finished.  This was my first vintage project and although it took a very lonnngggg time to complete, I am happy with the finished product.  This was done on #1 needles and each vertical stripe had to be embroidered stitch by stitch.  I think I chose one of the most time-consuming projects for my first try at vintage.  Hopefully future projects will not take as long!

I am so very grateful to my talented friend Rob who took these pics.  Capturing the colors of this sweater has for me been tricky, but Rob had no trouble at all – the mark of a true professional!  Thanks, Rob!

Here is a shot of the full sweater:

Photo by Robert Bruce

 and a close up:

Photo by Robert Bruce

I already have my next vintage project on the needles.  I am working on Tea for Two by Minerva Yarns circa 1934.

If you’d like to knit along, you can download the pattern here.
Here is a shot of that work in progress:
The yarn I am using is Wool Crepe Deluxe by Silk City Fibers and it is being worked on #2 needles.  The pattern calls for Minerva Velveen yarn which, as you can imagine, has long since been discontinued.  I’ve heard that Silk City’s Wool Crepe is a very close match and so far so good!  This pattern has been a lot of fun to work so far.  It’s just straight knitting, which is a welcome change after Dunnellen!  I imagine that by the time I’m bored with that and looking for more of a challenge then I’ll reach the lace part. 
I would love to hear from you  as well so don’t be shy about leaving a comment!  Until next time…

Dunnellen Update

I have been juggling quite a few projects lately and haven’t had much time to knit or blog.  However I did take some new pics of Dunnellen to share here.   I finished seaming the shoulders and sides and crocheted a line of trim for the plackets.  I am still learning crochet and found this yarn very tricky to use.  It is 100% bamboo as I wanted something cool and lightweight for summer.  However, since the bamboo isn’t spun tightly it tends to split.  This didn’t give me too much trouble while knitting, but the crocheting has been difficult.  I don’t think I will use bamboo for future vintage projects.  I ended up picking up and knitting the stitches for the plackets.  Now I’m cooking with gas.  I hope to have this one done very soon as other vintage projects are calling my name!

Plackets in Progress