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Pattern Book

New (To Me) Pattern Book

Here is my latest ebay acquisition:

It’s always exciting to receive a new pattern book, but even more so when you find surprises tucked inside like this newspaper clipping:

There is no date on the clipping but judging from its yellowed appearance and the styles presented I would guess that it was tucked inside right around the time that this book was published in 1935.  These are ads for patterns that can be obtained by mail order.  One is for a crocheted hat and bag set.  The other is a sewing pattern for a dress.

I love receiving these little bonuses!  It provides a sense of history and makes you a part of the story.  Another book that I purchased a while back had a fashion show program tucked inside:

Here’s the cover:

To go with this book:

These make me want to purposefully tuck little things inside of the pattern books for future generations to find…perhaps pictures of my finished garments (as I would have loved to find pictures of garments dotingly knitted by the original owners) or maybe some scraps of the yarn that I used to create the garments.

I have enjoyed knitting since I first learned as a teenager.  My first job was in a craft store.  They put me in the yarn department so it was inevitable that I would develop an interest in learning to knit or crochet.  Collecting these old pattern books has opened up a whole new world of knitting possibilities for me, more than I would have imagined.  There are many wonderful modern knitting patterns and so often I pored over my collection of Vogue Knitting magazines and various pattern books. Still do. However when I acquired my first vintage knitting book I was amazed and sat breathless as page after page of elegant fashions presented themselves to me. I had never imagined knitting at this level.  The books presented three and four-piece outfits, not just a single sweater.

I also love these beauties because they are simultaneously fashionable and modest.  With these dresses there is no need to layer with camisoles or tank tops.  You can just put the dress on and you’re out the door.

I find knitting to be very relaxing and do not at all mind miles of fine-gauge stockinette.  Perhaps I was made for vintage knitting.  🙂